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 Create custom shows for clients, Work projects & More!
Create Your Version of Existing PublishRow & Indie Inventory!
Browse, Select, Edit, & Register Editions to the PublishGallery. 
You can use your Edition Anywhere & Get paid Royalties!

BONUS: Get Paid to Edit or Create Commercialized Projects.
(with Royalty Free distributions!)

$ Become a Compilator - Edit existing Wave inventory.
(Add/Change beats, performers, r
earrange words, etc.)

Become a WaveRider - Performer of print/audio/video inventory.
(Performer has commercial use of for hire projects.)

$ Go VIP for Exclusive Accesses.

Join The Waves Today!

Support Indie Artists! 

Join The Waves!

We are drops of water Creating Waves
We Are Stronger Together


Let's Grow Together

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