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Find Your Next Hit or Hire Indie Artists!

Start Creating Commercial Projects from Indie Stock Today

  • WaveWriter

    Every month
    Creative Write for Clients
    • Get paid to Creative Write Print Lyrics & More
    • Your Own Commercial Ready Portfolio for Your Creations
    • Get Unlimited Display Slots
    • Get Your Works distributed in PublishRow's Indie Store
    • Create, Publish, Lease & Sell Your Creations
    • Step By Step Build a Book Program
    • Upgrade To a PRO Or VIP Plan to Collect Royalties
    • 9.99/M + 35% of Site Tips
  • Wave Compilator

    Every month
    Get paid to Mix Lyrics & Beats 4 Commercial Music Projects
    • Create Artist Displays for Mix & Match Indie Uses & Projects
    • Get Unlimited Materials for Project Fillers
    • Access to Unlimited Use of Build A Hit Services
    • Unlimited Access to Compilate in Sessions
    • Your Own Commercialized Portfolio for Your Creations
    • Create, Display, Market & Distribute Your Creations in Bulk
    • Only 9.99/Month + 35% of All Profits/Tips
  • Beat Producer

    Every month
    Make Money with Your Beats
    • Unlimited Display Slots
    • Your Own Interactive Commercial Ready Beat Portfolio
    • Placement in Private & Public Displays
    • 30 Day Fruity Loops Subscription + Bonus Ques
    • Collect Royalties After 2,000 distributions 4 Commercial Use
    • Free For 3 months, Then only 9.99/M + 35% of Site Tips
  • Wave Rider

    Every month
    Perform Indie Displays Commercially as Your own Client
    Valid for 12 months
    • Perform Displays for Yourself for Profit
    • Only 9.99/Month
    • We only keep 35% of all collective artist's gain
  • Wave Leaper

    Every month
    Perform Indie Displays for Clients
    • Get Paid to Demonstrate Custom & Current Inventory
    • Get placed in Multiple Public and Private Displays
    • Free Interactive Commercial Ready Portfolio for Your Arts
    • Access to Unlimited Display Slots
    • 15% of Subscription fees of Your Observers + Booking Rates
    • Do Not register Client Performances for Indie Shares
    • Client Register Indie Performances to get Indie Share
    • $9.99 a month plus 35% Site Tips
    • Upgrade to a WaveRider Performer to Collect Royalties
  • Join ALL

    Wave Rider Pro

    Every month
    Collect Royalties for your editions of PublishRow Content!
    Valid for 12 months+ 7 day free trial
    • Commercial Use Of PublishRow Materials
    • Book and Host Your Craft Events from Interactive Portfolios
    • 3,000 Distributions Royalty Free
    • Collect as a Writer, Lyric Animator & Compilator
    • FREE Upgrades to Optimized Galleries
  • Wave Rider VIP

    Every year
    Perfect for Versatile Artist/Enthusiasts
    Valid for 3 years
    • Get Commercial Use of All Displays
    • Get FREE Upgrade to Optimized Gallery
    • Get Your Own Commercialized Interactive Portfolio
    • Get VIP Placement in Commercial Displays
    • Get First 5,000 Distributions For Each Project Royalty Free
    • Get Early Project Notifications
    • Get Free Fruity Loop Subscription
    • Get Access to Smooth Collaboration Components
    • Create, Display, Market & Sell Your Works
    • Get 3 Exclusive Picks Per Year
    • Only $99 per Exclusive Pick afterwards
    • Get Unlimited Wave Writer Aide Services
    • Access to Unlimited Indie Store Slots
    • Collect From Donation All Masters of Pieces SPIFs
  • Custom Project Wave

    Custom Lyrics: Member's Only
    • Have a Compilator create art specific for your pleasure
    • Get this if it is not found in Existing PublishRow Displays
    • Only $80.00+50% Display Profits
    • 1 Song=3 Verses/1 Chorus/1 Bridge Or Your display selections
    • Get Royalty Free Distributions according to Your Plan
    • Bring a soundtrack or Select from Royalty Free Beats Gallery
    • Get Unlimited Indie Shop Display Slots
    • Get Commercial and Non-Commercial Display Slots
  • Custom Album Basic

    Every year
    6 Custom Lyric & Beat Compilations or Display Compilations
    Valid for 5 years
    • Get Package deal for up to 4 Members
    • Get Commercialized Interactive Portfolios For Each Member
    • Get Build a Hit Services for Each Member - Start to Finish
  • Custom 12 Song Album

    Get 12 Indie Creations for your Commercial Projects
    Valid for 3 years
    • Get Displays Custom to Order
    • Plan Covers Groups with up to 6 Members
    • Get Unlimited Customer Support
    • Get Royalty Free Distributions for All
    • Get Interactive Portfolios for Each Member
    • Get Unlimited Wave Writer Aide
    • Get Unlimited Compilator Aide
    • Get 12 New Displays Every Year
  • Custom 20 Song Album

    Every 3 years
    You pick 20 Indie Displays for Commercial Uses Annually
    • Covers up to 10 Artist per Group
    • Get Unlimited Build a Hit Services
    • Get Unlimited Customer Support
    • Get 3 Theme Revisions per Display
    • Get Commercialized Interactive Portfolio for Each Artist
    • Get 1,000 Distributions Royalty Free for Each Project
    • Get Unlimited Create a Lyric Wave Services
  • Venue VIP

    Every 2 years
    Up to 15 Performers
    • Get Commercial Use of Displays & Lyric/Beat Arrangements
    • Get Observer's Access
    • Get Royalty Free Distributions for Member Performers
    • Get Free Commercialized Interactive Portfolios For ALL
    • Get Unlimited Indie Compilator Aide Services
    • Get Unlimited Indie Wave Writer Aide Services

All plans are billed automatically for royalty purposes.

Money Making Possibilities

Service details will appear below for Services selected, from the 'In Session Button' Above

WaveWriter Premium

Mix Lyric segments selected by you to create your hit with Audio Keys

  • 1 h
  • 3,500 US dollars
  • Online Meet Up

Service Description

A Premium WaveWriter uses your lyric selections to create 3 verses, 1 bridge and 1 Hook with audio sample for your Artists or Project to use as a key and add their personal style to the compilation. (For Soundtracks, Venue Shows, Custom Party Shows, Commercial Themes, Albums and More.)

Cancellation Policy

There is a No Cancellation Policy. Rescheduling only

Contact Details

Sevice Pae
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